Five Finger Discount is an exhibition of stolen things. Artists and writers were asked to steal something that responds to their practice, with very loose parameters around what that thing could be. The intention of the exhibition is to investigate the line between object and art object.

All of the items in the space will be at risk of theft for the duration of the exhibition.

The stealing and re-stealing has dialogue with institutional acquisition practices, cooption of art works by regimes and the notion of collection. Whilst the artists are named broadly in the exhibition the objects are left anonymous during the exhibition. This was done with the intention of dislocating the value connotation of a name, attempting to create some sort of decentralized independent market. The other side of this is the colonization of the object by art and artist, with the attachment of an object to a name transforming it's value.

Five Finger Discount #1

Adam Grüning, Aimee Walker, Alice Gale-Feeny, Charlie Duck, Charlie Godet Thomas, Christoffer Rutström, Dan Szor, Demelza Watts, Eva Duerden, Greg Herbert, Harry Meadley, Isobel Wohl, Jacob Watmore, Jake Laffoley, Jill McKnight, Littlewhitehead, Lucy Vann, Molly Eliza Gough, Rob Flint, Rudy Loewe, Sam Hutchinson